ZenGroup Inc. will begin its efforts to manage the health of its employees as an organization. Our company has a global perspective and respects cultural diversity and internationality, and goes “beyond borders” to always provide excellent service to customers around the world.
As a bridge between Japan and the world, it is our conviction that the common wish of all people in all countries is “health”.

This year, our company will make a “health declaration” and work to improve the physical and mental health of our employees.
The health of each employee is also the most important thing to their family, and only when our employees are healthy both physically and mentally can they work energetically, fully utilize their abilities, and lead to growth.

Furthermore; the growth of our employees contributes not only to the corporate value of our company, but also to the improvement of social value. ZenGroup Inc. will provide opportunities for employees to raise their awareness of health even further, through management that supports the health of each and every employee. We will create a vibrant work environment for employees to live a richer and more fulfilling life.