A significant portion of the 8th floor is set aside as a cafeteria space where you can take a break. All employees are free to use this multi-purpose space for lunch, or for meetings with a large number of people and presentations using a projector, or even company drinking parties and club activities. Next to the eating area is a recreation space with foosball, ping-pong, darts, board games, and more. It is a place for you to relax and refresh yourself during break times and after work.


Since we use a variety of applications for our work, each employee’s desk is equipped with an extra-wide monitor so that they can easily see and operate a number of windows while working. We have a systems-administrator who sets up and maintains the equipment and assists employees, so even if you are not very skilled at setting up computers, you don’t need to worry.

In addition, the office has a clean, modern, and open design, and the desks are arranged into islands with each team grouped together. It’s an environment where you are close to your coworkers and can ask questions or seek help immediately if you have a problem.

Break Area

An open break area is located next to the working area. Here you will find beanbags and hanging chairs where you can sit and relax or take a nap when you are a little tired. There is also a drink bar where you can help yourself to Nespresso, drip coffee, and many kinds of teas. Nuts are also available for when you get a little hungry, so you can always feel your best at work.

Meeting Rooms

There are a total of 10 meeting rooms on the 8th and 10th floors. The largest and most frequently used meeting rooms are on the 10th floor and are all equipped with computers and large monitors, which are mainly used for presentations and web conferencing.

Different teams and employees are always coming in and out and holding impromptu meetings, and because we have a diverse array of international members, languages like English, Japanese, and Spanish can be heard all around. You might even experience a kind of culture shock as if you’ve stepped into a foreign country.


Suita Warehouse

Suita is the birthplace of ZenGroup. The Suita warehouse was originally created to serve as both an office and a logistics hub. At the start the business was being run by just the four CEOs, and initially all of the products being stored only occupied about a quarter of one floor. However, as our collective services gradually increased, the number of orders also expanded, leading to the establishment of our second warehouse, the Kadoma warehouse. Currently the Suita warehouse handles shipments for ZenPlus and ZenPop products.

Kadoma Warehouse

The Kadoma warehouse is ZenGroup’s second logistics hub. At present, it stands as our largest warehouse. Products purchased by customers through ZenMarket are collected here. After thorough inspection and careful packaging, they are shipped to countries around the world. Including part-time workers this warehouse has over 100 employees, and every day a large number of staff are hard at work handling the tasks that arise.

Higashi-Osaka Logistics Center

The Higashi-Osaka Warehouse is ZenGroup’s third logistics hub. Just like the Kadoma warehouse, it handles products purchased by customers through ZenMarket. The range of products varies from small items like trading cards, anime merchandise, games, and accessories to larger items like musical instruments, fishing gear, and car parts. It’s fascinating to see the diverse range of Japanese products in demand with customers from all around the world! The Higashi-Osaka warehouse also employs over 100 staff members, who are hard at work each day to ensure timely delivery to our customers.

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